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We put at your disposal 6 general dentists for the treatment and care of DENTAL EMERGENCIES in Île-Perrot: fractured tooth, dental infection or abnormal toothache… Our team works hard to receive you quickly in order to offer you pain relief and avoid complications!

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    Treating Bruxism

    Bruxism is a relatively widespread condition, but it must be treated to prevent damage to the health of the smile. Our dental health professionals in Île-Perrot will inform you if they see that you suffer from bruxism and then lead you to the appropriate treatment, i.e. a custom-fitted bite plate (also called mouth guard or occlusal splint).

    Bruxism refers to involuntary teeth clenching/grinding. In most cases, this problem happens at night when the person is sleeping. Bruxism is often associated with anxiety, but it can also be caused by other factors, such as occlusion problems. It can happen with people of all ages: children and teenagers, adults and elderly people.

    It is important to treat bruxism because it can have many consequences that may seriously affect your dental health, such as premature tooth wear, hypersensitivity, increased risk of tooth fractures and cracks as well as a worsening of periodontal diseases. Also, bruxism can result in failure of jaw joint function, thus causing pain. In short, all these consequences can also affect the appearance your smile.


    How will I know if I suffer from bruxism?

    Bruxism will be detected by the dentist during an oral health exam. The dentist will be able to recognize the above-mentioned disorders associated with this problem. Nonetheless, some signs and symptoms should encourage you to consult a professional:

    • Jaw pain, especially to the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) (connecting your upper and lower jaws).
    • Morning headaches, sometimes with fatigue.
    • Tensions in the jaws, neck and shoulders.
    • Cracking in the jaws and a difficulty opening the mouth completely.
    • Sensitive or worn teeth.

    In such cases, come consult us. Fortunately, bruxism can be easily cared for in order to avoid all the consequences it can cause. The most common solution to this problem is the design of a bite plate.

    Consultation & Imprints
    The bite plate will help prevent the upper and lower teeth from grinding against each other when you clench your teeth. Your dentist needs to examine you first and then make some imprints of your teeth so as to design a preventive device that will effectively protect your teeth by fitting to them perfectly.

    Bite Plate
    With the imprints, your dentist designs a bite plate specifically tailored to fit your teeth and jaws. The plate is made using acrylic and is resistant enough to support strong forces.

    Testing & Follow-up
    The bite plate is tested by the client during a following visit. Your dentist will ensure that it fits well in your mouth and will offer you advice on how to take care of the bite plate. A follow-up may be recommended in the following weeks to maximize comfort and adjustment of the bite plate.

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