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We put at your disposal 6 general dentists for the treatment and care of DENTAL EMERGENCIES in Île-Perrot: fractured tooth, dental infection or abnormal toothache… Our team works hard to receive you quickly in order to offer you pain relief and avoid complications!

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    Curettage & Periowave Treatment

    At Centre Dentaire Don Quichotte, detecting, treating and preventing gum and periodontal diseases are an integral part of the care offered by our dentists in Île-Perrot. We are pleased to help preserve our clients’ oral health.

    Gum diseases can appear sneakily and develop quickly until they attack the tissues that make sure our teeth are firmly fixed to our jaws. The first signs of gingivitis are: swelling and redness of the gums, which may be accompanied by bleeding during brushing and flossing. In most cases, gingivitis doesn’t cause pain, and that is why it goes unnoticed by many people. Nevertheless, the previously mentioned signs need to be detected because gingivitis can evolve in periodontitis if left untreated.

    As for periodontitis, it causes periodontal pockets between the gums and roots of teeth, areas in which bacteria flourish. Over time, bacteria will cause degradation of tissues supporting the teeth, which can loosen the teeth or even result in their loss. Periodontitis can be treated with good dental treatments, but it is important to act quickly to avoid associated complications. To determine the appropriate treatment, your dentist needs to assess the extent of the periodontitis. To that end, he needs to measure the depth of the periodontal pockets and may take X-rays to note the bone loss.


    State-of-the-art technology for the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis

    We provide our clients with treatments for gum and periodontal diseases using the latest technology. It allows us to offer precise and gentle care in order to prevent pain and help healing after procedures.

    We use ultrasonic tools for dental curettage, as well as laser devices to treat periodontitis. Laser offers many advantages for periodontal treatments, including: it more effectively removes infected tissue, stimulates tissue regeneration and blood circulation to help healing and reduces inflammation following the treatment. Moreover, laser is quite safe for healthy tissues.


    Dental Curettage

    The curettage is recommended for the treatment of gingivitis, or periodontitis in its early stages. The procedure removes the bacteria, dental plaque and tartar accumulated under the gum. A curettage is usually done under local anaesthesia to prevent discomfort and pain. It allows the gum to reattach to the teeth’s roots. After the curettage, your dentist and hygienist will offer you oral hygiene instructions to prevent relapses.


    Periowave Treatment

    A Periowave treatment consists in disinfecting periodontium tissue. It is usually used after a curettage and a thorough cleaning of the mouth and teeth. The laser used does not produce heat, but it is combined with a photosensitizer solution that kills the bacteria responsible for periodontitis. The Periowave treatment is very safe, non-invasive, and painless!

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    25 Boulevard Don Quichotte,
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